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Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Wicked Pissah

Do you remember that kid’s show Mr Roger’s neighborhood? Yeah, you know….. the one with that creepy guy that takes off his shoes while singing “Won’t you be my neighbor”.



I heard a sermon a few weeks back on the art of neighboring.  Studies showed some interesting things. For the 8 houses closest to you, could you:

1) List the names of everyone in the houses

2) Write something relevant about each person that you wouldn’t know by just standing in the drive way

3) Write in-depth information about each person (dreams, hopes, fears, etc)


The data showed the following:

1) Only 10% of people could list the names of everyone in the houses

2) Only 3% could write something relevant about each person

3) Less than 1% could write in-depth information about each person


Last weekend with autumn in the air I walked into Trader Joe’s and found pumpkin…everything! So I brought some pumpkin bread mix home and made some. It was so yummy, that yesterday I decided to go by a few more boxes and make some. I got to thinking about how this life really is all about relationships. The neighborhood is the easiest place to start cultivating these. Thanks to Denise’s “sky goddess” personality  we already have great relationships with most of our neighbors on the same street as us. But there are neighbors a few streets down that we see while exercising and have talked with from time to time and know their names, but not a whole lot more.

Last night I made two batches of the pumpkin bread, and brought it to 5 of the houses of people that know my face, I know their name(s),  but I don’t know that well…yet. I got invited into one home and found they were trying to hook a TV up outside to enjoy the great weather. To some, they might as well be trying to build a rocket to the moon. For me, I can hook up the TV in my sleep. After taking a look, there were some obstacles that we couldn’t get around, but I found a solution online. I will be going back to get it all hooked up for them soon.

When I texted Denise what I was doing all night she said “who are you and what have you done with my husband”?  🙂 You see, I’m an introvert by nature. I get energy by being alone and reading or playing music. I get drained when I need to interact with people and talk.

It’s amazing what God can do when you step out of your comfort zone.

He can show you:

How your skills can be used to serve others. 

How to do things you never thought were possible

How to be comfortable in something that is fearful or uncomfortable for you

I look forward to growing the relationships deeper with these neighbors, as when it’s all said and done, life is really about meaningful relationships. So why do we avoid them in lieu of Facebook which pretend to be meaningful, but really aren’t?


Formula of the Week

Neighbors + Meaningful Relationships = True Community

Question of the Week

How many of the 3 questions above can you answer, and what can you do about it?

Drop a comment and let us know!

As you probably know, I’m known as the Game Boy Geek and I love playing and reviewing board games. Nerd alert (whooop whooop whooop)! Some people have wondered why I spend so much time playing board games and think it’s down right pitiful. Well, in addition to using and exercising your brain for healthy development, and using it a for creative and mathematical thinking, it gets people away from the electronic gizmos they are tied to, puts them in front of you and it’s great fun human interaction. Human Interaction? What’s that? Oh it’s something we used to do before iPhones and iPads came out, Son…..

I often get asked from people ” How do you find your purpose in life? Where do you find it?” I usually reply with “stop spending so much time looking for your purpose and start living it.” Almost all the time your purpose is right under your nose. It’s going to be in the areas you have a strong passion and/or God has gifted you with. Immerse yourself in those, and your purpose will become obvious.

In last week’s blog I talked about how our house guest overheard us talking about the kids we sponsor and it inspired him to also sponsor one that night. Well right after that, he saw one that said his favorite activity is “Playing Board Games”.

Has anyone heard of a country in Africa called Chad? Oh good. I’m  not the only one feeling like an idiot 🙂


Anyway, as we looked further, we found that about 80% of the kids there had “Playing Board Games” listed as their favorite activity. So I felt the urge to sponsor one. Meet Narcisse.


Since I now review board games for the Dice Tower, I have an interesting opportunity to get my hands on more board games than you can shake a stick at (over 600 get reviewed each year). I have contacted World Vision, and they indeed are very open to getting donated games after we review them and send them to the village in Chad Africa for the kids to play with.

Maybe someday if/when Denise and I go there, we will have an instant bond, and who knows what other larger and more dire needs we might see there that we could help fill (bathrooms, running water, etc).

Only God can take something that seems pitiful to some, and make it a blessing to others beyond belief.

Just remember “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Formula of the Week

Pitiful = Purposeful with God

Question of the Week

What is something that God used for a blessing to others that most people would have overlooked? Drop a comment and let us know!

The Un-Noticed Blessing

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

A few weeks ago my 12 year old greyhound Prince Harry’s mouth was diagnosed with infection. The remedy was to put him under anesthesia and remove the teeth causing the infection. Being such an old dog, they ran extra blood tests to ensure his ability to handle being knocked out. Everything came back perfect except a test that screens for heart disease. His values were higher than the recent temperatures in Phoenix.


This result threw the dental surgery out of the window, and the only thing we could do was keep him on anti-biotics for the rest of his life and hope the infection doesn’t move towards his heart. The amazing vet (Dr B. at the Complete Pet Animal Hospital )complete pet suggested we have an echocardiogram performed to see what level of heart disease he had, and what medications he might need to be on. Ug! Due to vacation, Harry finally got his echocardiogram done about 2 weeks after the blood results. You could imagine the amount of somberness and praying Denise and I did over Harry while we were on vacation.

Amazingly, the ultrasound of the heart showed it as completely normal. In the doctor’s words “his heart is dynamite”.  

He mentioned it’s very rare for a dog with the values from that blood test to have a perfect heart, and he was very pleasantly surprised as it was not what he was expecting.

Therefore he was cleared for surgery which happened last Friday and everything went great. Here he is waking up in Dr B’s lap.


Sometimes it’s so easy to look over blessings as blessings and see them as entitlements, or write them off completely.  At first I didn’t see Harry’s heart as a blessing, but when I thought more about it, I am convinced this was a work of God, and a blessing passed down onto Harry.  It almost went un-noticed. Who says God doesn’t do miracles anymore ? 🙂   In that weekend’s service at Central Christian,  Pastor Cal mentioned “Gratitude begins where your sense of entitlement ends”. Sometimes we forget to “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  

Formula of the Week

Level of Gratitude = Your Attitude

Question of the Week

When/what was the last blessing you received, or overlooked at one time? Did you give thanks, or did you feel entitled to it? Drop us a comment and let us know.

Love Vs. the Law

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

If you read the bible as a bunch of laws, you’re missing the point. If you read it as a whole lot of love and grace, now you’re onto something. The latter will change your outlook on life, and how you love on (not judge) others. This week I was made aware of a poem that was written from my friend Gary’s late Uncle Norman. Man is this true! Enjoy.

Which Child?

The child of the law is an unhappy child.
Who in a web is caught.

All that he sees or does, or feels,
is “I should, I must, I ought.”

He is never free to make a choice,
he is pushed and shoved and caged.

And inside where he should have joy,
There is a smoldering hidden rage.

He may proclaim that he is free,
As free as a soaring bird.

But he is bound by the absolute,
By the letter of the word.

The child of the Law is a lonely child
With others he cannot blend.

Too busy shoring up himself
To have a loving friend.

But the child of love knows no bounds,
though he claims himself a slave.

The slave of love who is perfectly free,
For he will naturally behave.

He is free to feel all that he feels,
Laughter, grief, and pain.

Every blessing to be enjoyed,
Every loss a gain.

He does not think of his own path
of how he ought to walk.

He does not mark his sense of time
By another’s rigid clock.

He is free to give, to live, to love,
For in others he does see.

A golden chance to heal the hurt,
To set the captive free.

His world enlarged, his spirit renewed,
He soars in heaven above.

For he is not the child of the law,
But the grown up son of love.

Trolls Everywhere!

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

Hello my name is Dan, and I love board games. There. I said it!  I actually have a youtube show about board games that has over 2 million total views.


This past week I was invited to be an official reviewer for the Dice Tower. They are the most well respected board game reviewers in the industry and have more subscribers than all the other reviewers combined. For example their videos have been watched over 16 million times! That’s huge considering how the board game hobby is a niche market.

After my initial reviews came out, there were trolls everywhere! By “troll” I am not talking about when you see your Mother-In-Law getting coffee in the morning before her makeup. Essentially they are someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

At first I was a bit shocked as I’ve never had any of my creations (music, blog, reviews) be in front of that many people on the internet. My initial reaction was to reply to these 40 something men living in their Mom’s basement.

The problem is when we act this way we are not living our lives for God’s approval, we are living it for other people’s approval. That is backwards. I have recently realized what the cure is. Only God’s approval matters in our lives. We need to start acting like it.

Here is where I turned when I wanted to see the right way to approach the different types of criticism.


  1. Constructive Criticism – Proverbs 15:31-32 – If you listen to constructive criticism,
    you will be at home among the wise. If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself;
    but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.
  2. Dismiss Invalid or Unjust Criticism – 1 Peter 2:23 – When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.

Formula of the Week

God’s approval > People’s approval

Question of the Week

When was the last time you faced either constructive or invalid criticism, and how did you handle it? Drop a comment and let us know.

How many of you are good at memorizing scripture? Good…..I’m not the only one that’s bad at it! 🙂 Instead of citing the exact book, chapter, verse, and passage verbatim, I tend to burn it into my heart. For example I can usually understand the heart of the message and able to recall it, paraphrase it, and tell a story around what the passage was getting at. I also journal the passage using the SOAP method (Scripture, Observationa, Application, Prayer)which helps it burn into my heart.

With that being said, earlier this week I was reading through the book of Proverbs and a passage just hit me over the head. At the time it sounded so cool, that I actually tried to commit this one to memory. The next day I was able to repeat it. But last night I was on a plane to L.A and wanted to tell it to Denise, but I could only remember half of it which is “Lean not on your own understanding and submit your ways to him.”I sent a queue out to my brain hoping it would come to me a few min later.
After we landed we went to In-n-Out burger, and I was having a Neapolitan shake (from the secret menu). I looked under the cup to see which scripture was there, and it said Proverbs 3:5.


I jumped out of my seat and yelled to Denise (and apparently the rest of the place) that’s the passage I was trying to remember (although I couldn’t remember the chapter or verse on the plane either). Then the entire verse came to me verbatim.
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your path straight.”

When I checked to see if that was the verse I was trying to remember you can imagine my excitement when it was confirmed. It’s crazy how God works and can speak right to you in the craziest places (In-n-Out Burger) using the craziest ways (the bottom of a shake cup).

I also can’t help but think about the irony of this situation. I was trying to lean on my own understanding to remember this passage, and he showed me that no matter how good my memory is, I still need him.

Formula of the Week
Neopolitan shake + God = his work in us

Question of the Week
What’s an interesting way God has spoken to you recently? Drop a comment and let us know!

Tinting Ourselves

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

Am I the only one who thinks that being in the back of a limo while making faces at people parked right next to you without them knowing is one of the most fun things to do?


Dark tint can make us do crazy things! Today I helped a friend pickup his car from having the windows tinted. It made me think how window tint helps people from seeing you at all, or seeing a clear image of you. I think our pride does the same thing. So often we see someone posting how wonderful their lives are on Facebook when we know deep down that’s a farce. It’s a pride thing. Pride is an issue we all deal with at one level or another. It warps our sense of accomplishment and puts us first.

By allowing our pride to blind where we need to work on ourselves, we are doing nothing more than tinting ourselves with #5 dark limo tint.

My favorite verse in the area of pride is this one:

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Formula of the Week

We < we think (there’s more to life than me)

Question of the Week

When is a time you’ve been prideful in the past that you look at now and just shake your head? Drop a comment and let us know.

Green – Thumb – Wrestling

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

I detest any type of yard work, and I strongly detest gardening. A person that loves to work in the garden is affectionately known as a “green thumb”.


As a green thumb you essentially are tossing seeds, and then caring, watering, feeding, and nurturing your plant. Some plants grow faster than others, and sometimes the slower plants frustrate the green thumb.

The same thing can happen as we pour our lives into others. With countless hours of listening, counseling, giving advice, and helping them make decisions, we want to see them grow. I’m terrible at the waiting part, and always want the seeds that I’ve planted in that individual grow fast. I wrestle with these questions all the time. It’s time to stop thumb wrestling with my green thumb. Recently after not seeing many seeds grow that I’ve planted and cared for in people, I began to be frustrated wondering if I am making a difference.

Well God gave me two answers one day apart about whether I am making a difference. The irony of it all was it happened while I was in bed with the Flu and unable to even get up and care for myself. Essentially I was useless at the time. But God showed that he can use what I did in the past for good even when I’m not doing anything for that whole week. he can do the same for you too!

A friend of mine asked if I could send her the book I wrote to give to a another friend. I mailed it out right before I got the Flu and didn’t think about it again…until I got this message via email.

“Dear Mr. King, My name is xxxx, xxxxx and I received your book today included in a box of treasures from anonymous angels. I have to say, I have been struggling this week to find the strength to keep fighting. I have been sad and lost since finding out I had cancer and watching my families life fall apart. Thank you for being a part of this extremely kind act. Your friend is an angel and I will never forget this. God Bless you sir and thank you for the book! And please hug your amazing friend for me and tell who ever it is that I feel my spirit renewed and feel so blessed today. I don’t know how you all knew I needed every item in this box but all I can say right now is that God hasn’t forgotten any of us – especially with such angels among us”

Then the next day after my blog came out about the Flu, I got this email.

Dan, this is xxxxx. You helped me when I was on the side of the road out of gas. I really needed this. Wow! God has used you twice to send me a message. I had been backsliding and depressed. Thank you

Immediately my questions to God about the growth of the seeds that I was laying down were answered. Not only was it in His timing, perfect timing, but He showed me that we truly are God’s  masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

You see, even the seeds we plant long ago keep working for their good, and His good. Even sometimes when it seems like they aren’t, and that we aren’t making a difference with every individual that we pour into.

Formula of the Week

Our Timing is  ≠(not equal)  to God’s Timing

Question of the Week

Have you ever wondered if you are really making a difference? Have you gotten the answers? Let us know by dropping a comment.

GPS to the Rescue

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

Did you know when the space shuttle is on it’s way to the moon, it’s off course 99% of the time? It is constantly adjusting to the precise coordinates of its destination. In the last of my time capsule series, I found my official time for the P.F Chang’s Half Marathon.


Yeah…I know, even Oprah ran it faster than me! Probably while eating cookies. Anyway…. My goal was to break 2 hours. Obviously I did that. But did you notice how close it was? A mere seven seconds. Was this pure luck or ridiculous planning?

I had my GPS running watch set for what speed on average I needed to run in order to break the 2 hour mark. This calculates to 9.16 min/mile. Much like the rocket ship when I was ahead, I slowed down a little, and when I was behind, I sped up a little. I used the GPS to stay on course and on time.

I use the bible as my GPS for life. It constantly shows me which ways I need to adjust things. Not from laws, but through the heart behind the message. The longer I go without reading it, the farther off I typically need to adjust. Going just 3 days without reading it can feel like going 3 miles in the half marathon without looking at my pace.

There are so many cool ways to experience the Word these days no matter what your preference of learning style. If you’re an audio learner, the Word of Promise audio bible is read by Hollywood actors, and the music and sound effects make it feel like you are right there. It’s great while driving to and from work.

Video learners can see photos, artwork, maps, and virtual tours using the Glo bible on the PC, Mac, or iPad.

Give one of those two a try if reading black and white pages isn’t your thing. I found that consistency is better than overall time. For example 10 min each day for three days in a row is better than 30 min one day and 0 for the other two.

Formulas of the Week

Minutes / Mile = Pace

Minutes in the bible = Exponential change

Question of the Week

Which way do you learn the best? Reading, audio, video? Drop a comment and let us know.

This past week I was struck down with the Flu. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Wait a second…I’m supposed to love my enemies and do good to those that hate me…oh yeah….almost forgot…. 🙂

As I continually transitioned from feeling like I was in Africa in the summer, to the Arctic Circle in the winter, it came to me that you can’t spell Flu without F-U! Of course that means forget you :). During one of my Eskimo phases, I went in the back yard and laid in the sun. As you can see I was joined by the fur-kids.


The sun’s light gave me the most wonderful physical feeling I think I have ever felt as my entire body was reverberating. I though about how the sun is our only source of natural light, and even the moon can only be seen because it’s reflecting the light from the sun. I couldn’t help but think about one of Jesus’ “I am” statements. This one is John 8:12:

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

I then began to think of the parallel of physical and spiritual euphoria. At that time I felt as amazing physically from the sun’s light, as I did spiritually from Christ’s light the day I decided to consume his light, as opposed run from it by deflection.

In comparison, however, for over half of our lives we don’t experience the sun’s light, but we can constantly experience Christ’s light, even when we are in darkness. We just have to invite him in.

Formula of the Week

The speed of light < the speed of the Holy Spirit