Take me to your Leader

Posted: August 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Who would you turn to if you saw this?


Some people don’t think they are leaders. Whether it’s leading your kids in making sound decisions, your spouse in planning your vacation, or just simply your own life.The truth is we all lead something.

Last week I joined a quarter million other leaders at the annual Global Leadership Summit. There are video sites all over the world so you can join no matter where you live.


It’s always a life changing experience and provides a mirror into where you need to grow in your personal and professional life.

Here are some of my favorite one-line zingers that I captured while there. If any of these grab you, here is a summary all my notes separated by speaker – Leadership-summit-2015  I encourage everyone to go next year and you won’t regret it!


Founder & Senior Pastor – WIllow Creek Community Church

Armed with enough humility leaders can learn from anyone – 

Vision is not going to take care of leadership, self-sacrificing love is!

What separates toxic organizations thriving ones? A Genuine leader with deep personal concern

Don’t be a Chief “fill in the blank” Officer, be a Chief Meaning Officer


Nationally Acclaimed Business Thinker – Best Selling Author

Ego driven level 4 leaders have people follow them. Level 5 leaders have people follow a cause, not them. –

Great leaders focus on their unit, not their career

Life is People


President / Foundar Pixar Animation & Disney Animation

Every great (fill in the blank) starts as an ugly baby

Art isn’t about drawing, it’s about the ability to see

If you spend too much time on any project / task, it will zap the energy out of you

The best work + passion doesn’t always end the best for that person, the company, and the product

Adam Grant

Professor – Wharton School of Business – Best Selling Author

Most people project the future motives of others by their own personal history

Re-define giving. Be a successful giver by doing more 5 min favors

Ask for help as a leader. Give people a way to ask\


Research Professor – Univ of Houston Graduate College of Social Work – Best Selling Author

We are not thinking beings that sometimes have emotion, we are emotional beings that sometimes think

You can choose courage or comfort, but you can’t have both


Don’t leave it all on the field (workplace) otherwise you go home with nothing

Don’t live for your resume, but live for your eulogy


Don’t come to work, to work. Come to be excited and to serve others

When you manage anything you forfeit the right to make an excuse

It’s immoral to hire someone for a function , hire them for a dream


Feedback is how leaders make better workers, and how workers make better leaders

93% of all American workers feel under-appreciated

Feedback might be 90% wrong, but the 10% right might be exactly what you needed to hear

When you learn to receive you will transform your personal and professional life


It’s not what you know – it’s how fast you can learn

When you lack resources you become resourceful

Comfort is a stealthy being that becomes your master

If you want your team to be relevant? Lead them into the unknown


There is way more in you than you imagine

You might be 1 relationship from changing the course of your destiny

Talent can get you to the top, but only character can keep you there

If you delegate tasks, you’ll create workers. If you delegate authority, you create leaders

You’re only as strong as you are honest

  1. Dave K. says:

    Well said Dan! I wish I could have watched more of his so thanks for the great notes, of course, I liked these the best: Don’t come to work, to work. Come to be excited and to serve others
    When you manage anything you forfeit the right to make an excuse
    It’s immoral to hire someone for a function , hire them for a dream. These go great for 1st Impressions!

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