Story Time

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Wicked Pissah

Some people can remember everything from their childhood. I happen to fall in this camp. Whether it’s flying over the handlebars on my new scooter Christmas morning, or hitting my first over the fence home run against Brian Lavoie at Simon’s Park,  or even simple moments like waiting for the bus to pick me up for 1st grade with my Mom and Grandpa. Others  can barely remember anything. My wife falls into this camp. Although she also can’t remember what we did yesterday, and we joke that our life is like that movie “50 First Dates”.


Back to that 1st grade mention, I can remember my favorite part of the day was Story Time!

story time

I loved hearing both fictional and non fictional stories. Our lives, themselves, are stories. I often hear people say “I should write a book about my life story.” The truth is OUR stories are the untold stories of the Bible. Just because the Bible is done being written on paper doesn’t mean it’s done being written out in our lives.

In my last blog I talked about becoming a new co-host for a podcast that is about Christian faith and board gaming with an interest in bridging thew gaps between world views.  We told OUR stories on that episode so people could get to know us, and our perspectives better since we will be tackling some tough subjects in future episodes. It broke the single day download record for that podcast’s history!

Being a video creator, I’ve always wanted to create a video of my story. Knowing I was going to be telling it on the episode inspired me to finally break down and spend the inordinate amount of time it takes to produce one.

It’s story time, but instead of being the listener, it’s my turn to be the story teller. So here is MY story. What’s yours?


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