What’s Your Punchline?

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Recently a comedian named Michael Jr. came to make us laugh at our church. He is deemed “The comedian that can speak to everyone”. After making us laugh for 45 minutes, he told the story of how he used his own passion (telling jokes) for his purpose in life.


He had a life turning moment before going on stage one night. The Holy Spirit probed him with this thought. Instead of trying to get laughs from people, what if you gave people an opportunity to laugh. That changed everything.

Comedy is simple. There is a setup, then a punch line. If you hear a setup, but never experience the punchline, there is an uneasiness, and unsatisfied feeling. But when/if that punchline comes, all that work turns into something glorious.

In your own life all your talents and skills are part of your “setup”. You have been being prepared to do something great in advance. But if you don’t do anything with it (no punchline) life will feel uneasy and unsatisfying no matter what you try to chase in order to fill that void which God has instilled into all of us.

Last week I was honored to be interviewed on the 2nd highest downloaded podcast about board games in the world. I was asked how I got started reviewing board games. The reason went back to an amazing human interest / community involvement story which you may remember (Operation Aloha).

The feedback I got from how that transpired me into becoming a well respected board game reviewer was amazing. The day it went live, I received a call asking if I would help re-launch and co-host a podcast on the Dice Tower Network (the largest board game media outlet that I produce my reviews for). But this isn’t just a podcast about games. It’s called the Dice Steeple and it’s about using God through our hobby of board games to touch the lives of both Christians and non-Christians alike. Within a few hours there were already people writing blogs about this announcement!

The last handful of blogs I wrote were about how God used my passion (board games) to do some cool things for others. Those all used my “setup” in life (passion about board games) to deliver a “punchline”. This most recent podcasting opportunity continues to develop and refine that punchline.

To spin Michael Jr’s “ah ha” moment into the world of board gaming, what if we stopped trying to get fun from the games, but gave the people playing an opportunity to open up? To build those relationships and learn about their fears, failures, accomplishments and dreams? Then walk with them through all of this? I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have fun with the games, as I believe our heavenly father is crazy about us and delights in seeing us have fun and finding enjoyment (just like you do to your own kids). But what if that wasn’t sole reason for bringing the games out in the first place?

I hope this inspires you to begin thinking about your own “setup”  knowing that no person’s gifting is better than anyone else’s.It’s never about the games, but always about the people and building long lasting, meaningful relationships (not the social media type of “friends”)!

Question of the Week

What’s your “setup”? What skills / talents have you been gathering during the course of your life? More importantly, what are you doing with that setup to make a difference in others’ lives? In other words, what’s your punchline? It’s ok if you don’t know. But it’s not ok to not wonder, think, dream, and pray about what yours is. So get dreamin!

  1. Misty McCoy says:

    Good thoughts and advise. We have had Michael here 3 times now and he rocks the house!
    People can Google him for some morning laughter:)

    • Dan King says:

      Thanks Misty! It looks like he will be at the Dave Ramsey Smart conference here in Phoenix on Oct 17th. Next time he comes to Central, I’m definitely bringing a crowd!

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