Best Advice Ever? Life is Not a Game

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Wicked Pissah

What’s the best advice about life that you’ve ever received?

Last year while at the largest board game convention in America, I got invited to a press only event where one of the largest publishers showed us a sneek peek of their upcoming games. I got to meet some of the most well known designers in the world, including Bruno Faidutti from France.


This week and interview with him was published and this was the last question he was asked. What’s the best advice about life that you’ve ever received?

Here was his answer.

Life is not a game. You don’t know the rules and the goal, and you better not try, since it’s more fun this way. That’s why I despise religion, and why I’m terrified by it – religious people act in life as if it were a game with a game designer, a set of rules, a goal and a victory point systems. Life is not a game, it’s a mess – and it might be better that way.

I must say that since I was about 16 up until just over 7 years ago, I felt the same way Bruno does. What changed? For the first time I learned what having a personal relationship with God was like. I realized that rules are just rules, and they constrict you like a straight jacket. But in contrast the Holy Spirit will guide us through conviction in freedom through Christ. Without adhering to a laundry list of do’s and don’ts for the wrong reasons, we are filled with energy and passion in which we make a difference in the world for the right reasons. Love. It’s that simple. The love of Jesus Christ for all of us sets us free from religion, and from being religious.

This is why I no longer see life as if it were a game with the game designer with a set of rules and a goal as Bruno mentioned. But instead I see it as an open canvas, with no “rules”.  Removing the rules removes any judgmental tendencies and I now see life as an all encompassing life of love and passion guided by the Holy Spirit.

Formula of the Week

Jesus > Rules & Religion

Question of the Week

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? Drop a comment and let us know.

  1. Ron Schencks says:

    In life we all approach things we don’t care for and have the tendency to stress over it, knowing we don’t have the power to change it. A good friend that I thought a lot of reminded me of a well known but often forgotten simple phrase to repeat aloud, remove the stress, and move on to causes in can make a difference in, that phrase : “It Is What It Is” simple, but powerful!

  2. Gary says:

    Bravo, Dan – Well stated! Unfortunately, many Christians live life under the yolk of “religious law”, and never live free in the love Christ now offers us.

  3. Msity McCoy says:

    Always choose happiness! 🙂

  4. Hey, thanks for linking to my interview with Bruno! I appreciate your perspective. I agree that rules and regulations have little to do with what Jesus was trying to accomplish in the world, even though many Christians act like rules are the only thing that matter. 🙂

    • Dan King says:

      Thanks for reading and the comment, and for the interview of Bruno! If you go to the posts just before this one all have to do with the board game industry that you might find interesting. One of them is about another Bruno (Cathala)!

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