Down for the Count

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Wicked Pissah

Last week I gave the background of the the largest board gaming convention in America called Gencon. The day after the Five Tribes event that I described in that blog post, this event happened. I was talking with my PR contact at one of the largest board game companies when a woman about my age collapsed right in front of us. We got her up on a chair and she told us that she has been having severe problems with her ribs lately and they were Ace bandaged up. The PR contact apparently was also a personal trainer and she started massaging her. I acted as security (which is a stretch) and tried to block all the people walking by from seeing what was going on. I then went and got some Gatorade and snacks for her to try and consume. I felt so helpless for this poor girl. She was in so much pain she was in tears.

I offered to go get her car and bring it around for her, but she wanted to try and continue walking the convention floor. Her and her husband did ask where a specific booth was and I was able to at least walk them down towards that way helping her along the way. I gave them my card and told them if there was anything else I could do for them to call me.

I didn’t feel like I helped much and I wish I could have done more.

However next day I got this voice mail from her (click here if you don’t see an embedded audio player below)


I also got this email from her:

“Please know you guys did more for me on Saturday than I could have ever asked for. It is so very kind and appreciated. Thank you so much again for everything you did. Literally, I could get dressed on my own this morning and get out of bed on my own as well. This is a MASSIVE improvement. I literally rolled over in bed and just knew. I went, “Oh my God” and scared my fiancé to death! Lol I was so happy I could just even breathe, so again… Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

Casey Martin”

Sometimes just the effort of asking what you can do for someone is more than they expected. The fact that you care about them is more than enough. From this I learned that nothing you do for anyone in love is too small, even if it might seem so.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of God’s Love.

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