Five Tribes – One Spirit

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Wicked Pissah

Indianapolis gets its city taken over each August by a horde of geeks. by Horde I mean 60,000 of us! All for the largest board gaming convention in the USA called Gencon. The lines to get in are crazy and the smells of that many geeks in one place are even crazier 🙂 I am blessed to get a press badge so I get in early and through the side door.

One of the hottest games was being released there this past year and there was a production delay so instead of having no copies to sell they air lifted 200 copies in. 60,000 people and 200 copies. You don’t have to be an engineer to do that math. Chances are you weren’t getting a copy of the $59 game called Five Tribes.



One of the reasons that I really wanted this game was it is designed by by favorite game designer Bruno Cathala from France.



On the first day they sold the 50 copies in 10 minutes (rationed by day) . The next day using my press badge I got in 30 minutes before the doors opened and I was 5th in line. People were lining up hours before the doors opened to try and sprint to the booth get one of the 50 copies to be sold that day.


After I purchased my copy I noticed one of the guys that I demo’d  Five Tribes with the day before was in line. He said he had been in line well before the doors opened and it was going to be close to see if he would get a copy. I proceeded to walk the convention hall with another game reviewer and within about a minute I was overwhelmed by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I remember hearing (not audible) “Go give him your game”. I tried to ignore it, but I kept hearing it over the next few minutes. My heart then broke for him. I told my reviewer friend that my heart is telling me to go give him my game. He said “Are you nuts? Ok then, I’ll meet up with you later”.

I went back to the line and he was about the 10th person back. I told him what I was feeling and wanted to give him my game. He told me to wait to see if he would get one. The guy behind him overheard and bullied into the conversation and offered me $100 for it. I told him it’s not about the money and my heart felt for this guy since I had a connection with him from playing the game with him yesterday. I gave him my card and told him if he didn’t get a copy to call me and I’ll come give him mine.

With the loud convention noise I didn’t hear my phone ring, but 10 minutes later I received this voice mail (Click Here if you don’t see an embedded audio player below)

Due to the poor audio quality from the loud convention here is what he is saying.

“Dan, It’s Tim Hunt here – the guy you played Five Tribes with yesterday. I got my copy, I thank you so much for your generosity. I know that you will be blessed for that dude. Thank you so much I really appreciate it and I had a really good time playing with you guys and keep on doing what you do because you are bringing people into this awesome hobby. Thanks.”


So in the end I didn’t end up giving him my copy, but I was real happy he got one. It actually was my “Game of the Year pick for 2014”. See for yourself in my top 10 video. I was even more pleased that the one thing I would be hard pressed to give up at the convention was called on by the Holy Spirit, and that I was able to look past the material object for the opportunity love on someone that I barely knew.

God can use anything to show His love through you, even if it’s something as silly as a board game. We should never underestimate what God can do with anything if we are willing to listen and adapt.



  1. Loyal says:

    Sometimes it is just so much fun to give away something like that. I think much of any blessing I get is the pure incredulous look they give me when they realize that I am serious.

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