Above the Clouds

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

This week my wife Denise wrote about her experience going to work in the friendly skies as a “Sky Goddess”. I think you will all enjoy this.


I must tell you how only God was the reason I went work this week!!

The first of every month is time and a half pay for flight attendants who pick up extra trips from the company due to overlap. I was on call as a reserve.

Scheduling assigned me to fly to Houston, which is another flight attendant base, to sit reserve. After I checked in at the airport I looked at the list of Houston reserves and they had 16 flight attendants sitting at home waiting to be called. I was trying to make sense of WHY they would send me to go so I called scheduling.

Hi Frank, this is Denise, I’m not quite understanding WHY you are sending me to Houston when you have 16 reserves sitting at home AND you are going to have to pay for a hotel room for me?
Frank’s reply: I just don’t know. (AND then he says, anything else I can help you with?)

My eyes filled with tears and I walked to my gate. I called Dan and he said, ‘Well, it must be God thing.’
Honestly, that made me more upset and I got more choked up that he didn’t share my misery and tears started down my face and I had to just hang up!

I boarded the plane, shared my story with the working flight attendants and they shared my misery and I felt better!!!

I do have an Aunt (the black sheep) and two cousins (always struggling in life due to their upbringing) that live 45 min outside of Houston, the broken side of the family. (We ALL have one!)
So I prayed on that flight and I prepared a text for my cousin Daniel to send when I landed in Houston at midnight. I have to tell you, I was kinda of nervous. The expectations we have of others vs our own.

The next morning Daniel said:
Hey cuz. How are u? Mom forward me a text from u asking me to lunch…that sounds cool. Could u text me the address and time u would like to meet me.

PAUSE. Wow. Pray. Reply. Shower. Wait. God at work.


For 6 hours uninterrupted I sat and listened with love and smiled. He is going through such hard times right now that he has not eaten in weeks. He said he drinks 6 essures a day for nutrition. We ate the barbeque buffet there at the hotel and he had three plates of barbeque chicken, brisket, broccoli, red potatoes and a salad with strawberry shortcake for dessert. He was surprised he could eat all that. I was afraid he was going to throw up later but he didn’t. Lol We had not seen each other in 6 years and it felt like 6 months. He just needed me to listen and love on him. Maybe feed him a good meal too.

God is good. When things don’t make sense, you will soon find out what God’s plans are for YOU. Just pray, trust and believe. I still had to act in faith! I had a thought and acted on it.

So, I am in a seat flying back to Phoenix to go back home. Had I NOT acted on God’s intentions it would have been a missed opportunity and a waste of my time. Now I have tears of happiness and joy knowing WHY I was sent to Houston.

Denise King
Serving Christ our KING!

  1. Kat says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is funny how God works and if you weren’t in tune with following an opportunity it could have easily been overlooked. I have a cousin which recently has contacted me. I haven’t had contact with her in over thirty years. I now know I should contact her back, even though I’ve been dodging it for a week. Coincidence, I don’t think so.

  2. Ron Schencks says:

    If anyone could lift his spirits it would be you, just another task God has planned for you. Good job!

  3. connie says:

    thanks for sharing your story I just happened to find your blog in my email decided to read it I too have been experiencing some similar question like why God has me living back in Apache Junction for the third time I have never liked it out here, and I just recently asked for two things and it seems that he maybe answering my prayers, I don’t fully understand or know for sure… but I like the adventure and exploring…one thing we know for sure he always has a purpose for it.

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