Prince Harry’s Passing – An Answered Prayer

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had been fearing the day that my greyhound Prince Harry would leave Earth for 12 years. Even for the last few years many people had already said “the day that Harry dies is going to be the saddest day ever.” He seemed to touch so many people.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Harry helped start the 2nd Chance at Life program which matches inmates with greyhounds. The inmates get taught a skill to use when they get out of prison (dog training) and receive unconditional love from the greyhounds. For some this is the first time in their life they have felt this. For the greyhounds they get obedience trained to make them an easier placement in a forever home. His charm and loving ways sold the Warden on the Prison/Greyhound Program. It had nothing to do with my power point presentation. He is a true hero and he has changed the lives of many inmates and greyhounds. He gave them hope, and a 2nd Chance at life. He taught me what life is all about (others).He taught me how to live as God wants us to live. By unconditional love, and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

You can see a quick 3 min video about this (which has some Harry sightings in it) here


However even though my heart aches, I am at peace knowing the events that led up to and around his passing were an answered prayer. How you ask? The night before we flew back from a vacation in Hawaii we found out Harry had another back disc flare up, and couldn’t walk. These usually pass after 24 hours. He was able to take pain medicine and sleep through the night. The next day we were flying home from Hawaii, and Harry looked peaceful on his bed looking around. But he passed away in his sleep that morning. Therefore upon arrival we were expecting to be greeted at the door with Harry’s loving howling. You can hear a recording I took of this a while back as I’ve never seen another dog do this before, but Harry did it every time I came home, even if I was gone only 5 minutes. It’s cool to hear him respond at the end when I ask “did you miss me?”

However, something inside me felt something wasn’t right even on the flight home. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew it was there. As we pulled up to the house at midnight we noticed another car outside our house. It was our great friend Andre’s car. As soon as I saw the car I knew Harry had passed. Before we got into the house he said “I have some bad news.” I finished his sentence for him….Harry died. He confirmed.

Denise ran into the bedroom and got her prayer journal. Opened it up and read this entry from 1/13/14 aloud in front of everyone at the house (close friends had been called in even though it was midnight).


As you can see the events around Harry’s passing was an answered prayer.

  • We didn’t have to make the tough decision as to put him to sleep when his back problems got too frequent
  • He died peacefully in his sleep
  • We didn’t have to see him in that condition
  • Friends were there to handle the situation for us
  • The pain he went through the night before allowed me to fathom that he was no longer with us when we saw Andre’s car while pulling up. Otherwise it would have been too hard of a shock to bare.

All these events are not coincidences, but God-Incidences to allow peace in my heart that his passing was done in God’s perfect timing in the best way it ever could have happened. It’s obvious God’s hand was upon Harry’s whole life, so why wouldn’t it be there to help him leave this world?

I love you Harry! You’re awesome buddy!


  1. Gary says:

    Your perspective is nothing short of God-sent. Such a wonderful and freeing understanding you have of God’s goodness and grace even in the midst of such heart-ache. Harry lived a life full of divine purpose, just as you do.

  2. Dave Vining says:

    Dan, you are a very special person, honored to call you “friend”.


  3. jane says:

    This IS so painful, but you are doing well by focusing on his job on Earth and the good things. I knew a family that had a greyhound rescue. He “howled” too, but it actually was singing whenever you sang to him. He was rescued from a horrible life at the racetracks.

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