Trust Your Mirrors

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Who here hates moving? Wow, that looks like most you. Now who here hates moving in Arizona, during the summer? Right! All of you! Have you ever tried to drive a U-haul truck? The first time you’ve tried this, you look into the rear view mirror, and you realize there is none! Then you really feel like a doofus when you continually try to look in it while you’re driving. After about the 10th time, you finally decide to rely on your side mirrors.


When you are forced to rely on your mirrors, at first it’s scary. You can’t look behind you and physically see what the mirrors are showing you. However, in fact, all the mirrors are doing is showing you truth. It’s just in a way you aren’t used to seeing it. Mirrors don’t lie.

We are called to be mirrors to be a reflection of God’s light and love to others.

Many times this can be to a stranger. But it can also be to someone that’s close to you, and they need to hear the truth. Many times it’s the truth they don’t want to hear. On the other end, many times it’s the truth that YOU don’t want to hear.

Just remember, if they love you enough to speak the truth in love  we need to learn to trust them as our mirror showing us truth, but in a way that we aren’t yet comfortable with.

The goal is to become a seasoned truck driver. By that I don’t mean by getting hemorrhoids 🙂 I mean by where you rely on your mirrors and couldn’t drive without them. The key to this is finding true intimate friends who over time, we have learned to trust them as our “mirrors”.

Formula of the Week

Mirrors = Truth

Question of the Week

Have you had anyone act as a mirror to you and you rejected it, but then later on you realized it was the truth you needed to see/hear? Drop us a comment and let us know!

  1. Gary says:

    Great Analogy. Certainly a new approach to seeing trust in God! Love it!

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