You Never Know Who is Listening

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Have you ever found out through the grapevine that someone heard something you said, and you had no idea? This can lead to some interesting conversations. I was on a flight back from a board gaming convention in Orlando last week and sat next to a really nice family. By the way, on both flights I had a middle seat, and both times the people on both sides of me were traveling together and asked if I could move to the window seat. It’s very interesting if you put that in perspective with an earlier blog that I wrote about a flight to Zuirch here.

Anyway, they were on their way back from a vacation in the Dominican Republic and to try and make conversation I talked about our child that we sponsor in the Dominican named Frankelis.


They also liked board games, so we played a game that I had bought at the convention on the plane trays with them. Yes i’m a little nuts!


They came over last weekend to meet Denise and to play games. They wanted to learn more about sponsoring a child so we shared that as well. After they left, the college student (Nic) who is living with us had heard us talking about the sponsored kids, and decided to sponsor a kid for himself!

Wow! You never know who really  is listening to what you say (good and bad).

Preach the gospel everyday, and when necessary use words.

Formula of the Week

Actions > Words

Question of the Week

What have you said (either good or bad) that someone watching/listening did something unexpected with?

  1. Gary says:

    Too cool – love it!

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