Love Vs. the Law

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

If you read the bible as a bunch of laws, you’re missing the point. If you read it as a whole lot of love and grace, now you’re onto something. The latter will change your outlook on life, and how you love on (not judge) others. This week I was made aware of a poem that was written from my friend Gary’s late Uncle Norman. Man is this true! Enjoy.

Which Child?

The child of the law is an unhappy child.
Who in a web is caught.

All that he sees or does, or feels,
is “I should, I must, I ought.”

He is never free to make a choice,
he is pushed and shoved and caged.

And inside where he should have joy,
There is a smoldering hidden rage.

He may proclaim that he is free,
As free as a soaring bird.

But he is bound by the absolute,
By the letter of the word.

The child of the Law is a lonely child
With others he cannot blend.

Too busy shoring up himself
To have a loving friend.

But the child of love knows no bounds,
though he claims himself a slave.

The slave of love who is perfectly free,
For he will naturally behave.

He is free to feel all that he feels,
Laughter, grief, and pain.

Every blessing to be enjoyed,
Every loss a gain.

He does not think of his own path
of how he ought to walk.

He does not mark his sense of time
By another’s rigid clock.

He is free to give, to live, to love,
For in others he does see.

A golden chance to heal the hurt,
To set the captive free.

His world enlarged, his spirit renewed,
He soars in heaven above.

For he is not the child of the law,
But the grown up son of love.

  1. Gary says:

    Thanks for sharing this Dan! My uncle, Norm, was a man after God’s own heart and a true father-figure in my life. Norm and I had many years of amazing and memorable times shared of our journey we each had with Christ that matured from law-based obedience to a love-based devotion. This poem truly describes a powerfully poignant parallel. I also enjoy the times you and I have sharpened iron and grown together discussing this same subject, my friend. God is good!

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