GPS to the Rescue

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Wicked Pissah

Did you know when the space shuttle is on it’s way to the moon, it’s off course 99% of the time? It is constantly adjusting to the precise coordinates of its destination. In the last of my time capsule series, I found my official time for the P.F Chang’s Half Marathon.


Yeah…I know, even Oprah ran it faster than me! Probably while eating cookies. Anyway…. My goal was to break 2 hours. Obviously I did that. But did you notice how close it was? A mere seven seconds. Was this pure luck or ridiculous planning?

I had my GPS running watch set for what speed on average I needed to run in order to break the 2 hour mark. This calculates to 9.16 min/mile. Much like the rocket ship when I was ahead, I slowed down a little, and when I was behind, I sped up a little. I used the GPS to stay on course and on time.

I use the bible as my GPS for life. It constantly shows me which ways I need to adjust things. Not from laws, but through the heart behind the message. The longer I go without reading it, the farther off I typically need to adjust. Going just 3 days without reading it can feel like going 3 miles in the half marathon without looking at my pace.

There are so many cool ways to experience the Word these days no matter what your preference of learning style. If you’re an audio learner, the Word of Promise audio bible is read by Hollywood actors, and the music and sound effects make it feel like you are right there. It’s great while driving to and from work.

Video learners can see photos, artwork, maps, and virtual tours using the Glo bible on the PC, Mac, or iPad.

Give one of those two a try if reading black and white pages isn’t your thing. I found that consistency is better than overall time. For example 10 min each day for three days in a row is better than 30 min one day and 0 for the other two.

Formulas of the Week

Minutes / Mile = Pace

Minutes in the bible = Exponential change

Question of the Week

Which way do you learn the best? Reading, audio, video? Drop a comment and let us know.

  1. Steve McGuire says:

    The Space Shuttle never went to the Moon, nor was it designed for that. Apollo did.

  2. Dan King says:

    I stand corrected 🙂 Thanks to my aviation nerds to the rescue!

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