Cruising is All About Relationships

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Wicked Pissah

If you’ve been on a cruise before, what’s your favorite part of it? Most people answer something like this. “I love all the food and eat so much that I have to pull my pants down to talk!” For Denise and I, we really love the professional photos that we have taken on the ship, but there is something we like even more. Here is our motto for cruising. “It’s all about the people you meet and the relationships created”.

On a cruise to New England last week I had a blast learning the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance on stage in front of an audience. With me was a  group managed by New Directions Travel of special needs adults. We had fun dancing, then later that night I saw them in the dance club during the Michael Jackson tribute hour. I was spinning them around in their wheel chairs, teaching them the moonwalk, and couldn’t leave out the patented kick and crotch grab. The smiles on their faces, and the people watching us was priceless. It was by far the highlight of the vacation.

After dancing we took them over to one of the photo backgrounds, and had them take a professional photo of us. They invited Denise and I to dinner the next night and we brought them the photo. They felt like stars!

This group of 20 special needs adults were having a better vacation than all of us without special needs. They were always smiling, hugging, and laughing. They were inspiring. They clearly weren’t letting their challenges affect their vacation. Their challenges didn’t seem like a burden at all. It made me wonder if they had cast their burdens onto the Lord like Psalm 55:22 indicates.

Psalm 55:22 – Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you.

Question of the Week

What burdens are you dealing with right now that you’d love for the Lord to put on His shoulders for you?

  1. Gary says:

    How cool is that – so very special! I agree vacation is about seeing God come alive – Especially in the relationships we share. Amen 🙂

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